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"Home to the walking safari, Zambia is perfect for those wanting to visit the remote and less visited national parks with top-quality guides"

Zambia, a hidden gem, is adorned with spectacular natural wonders, vast expanses, and untouched wilderness that remain largely off the beaten path. The country's geography is defined by three majestic rivers—the Zambezi, Luangwa, and Kafue—which carve through its National Parks, creating diverse ecosystems and breathtaking landscapes.

Each park in Zambia offers a unique safari experience, set against a backdrop of stunning scenery and teeming with wildlife. The country is a pioneer in the safari industry, proudly hosting the origins of the walking safari, a concept introduced by the legendary conservationist Norman Carr in South Luangwa. This intimate way of experiencing the African bush, on foot, brings you closer to the land and its inhabitants, offering an unparalleled adventure. Zambia's specialized guides, who undergo years of training, lead these walking safaris, sharing insights and revealing the secrets of the wilderness.

Zambia's rich safari heritage and its commitment to conservation make it the quintessential destination for those seeking an authentic and thrilling African safari, where the beauty of nature is matched by the depth of the experience

Hippos in the South Luangwa National Park

Top Destinations

Discover natural marvels

Zambia's top national parks offer an unparalleled safari experience, each with its own unique ecosystem and thriving wildlife populations.

Victoria Falls
Elephants in Lower Zambezi National Park - Zambia.jpg

Lower Zambezi National Park

Majestic leopard resting in a tree after a fight at South Luangwa NP, Zambia, Africa.jpg

South Luangwa

 Lechwe (Kobus leche), or southern lechwe, Busanga Plains, Kafue National Park, Zambia.jpg

Kafue National Park

Hyena in Zambia's Liuwa Plains National Park

Liuwa Plains

Hippopotamus, Hippopotamuspotamus amphibicus, walking along the sandy shores of the Luangw

North Luangwa

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Explore Zambia with fly-in safaris, tailor-made itineraries, luxury lodges and epic wilderness. Our personalized itineraries ensure your journey isuniquely yours. 

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