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16 Nights

Wonders Of Namibia

The 16 Night Wonders Of Namibia is a comprehensive self-drive itinerary that allows you to experience Namibia in-depth in its entirety. This itinerary is diverse and unlocks the sense of freedom and exploration you can only get by getting behind the wheel and travelling on Namibia's long and scenic desert roads.

The highlights on the Wonders Of Namibia are numerous; from the world’s largest sand mass in the Kalahari Desert to the second-largest canyon on earth. Get drawn back in time by visiting the ghost town of Kolmanskuppe and let yourself be captivated by the surreal dunes at Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei. Discover UNESCO and World Heritage sites and the ancient San and Damara cultures. Encounter the rich and diverse wildlife of the Etosha National Park.

Tour Highlights