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Where Elegance Meets Nature's Majesty

Victoria Falls Hotel, a historic gem steeped in Edwardian style, is Zimbabwe's most renowned accommodation. Constructed in 1904, this iconic establishment has been a leader in African hospitality for over a century. It holds a distinguished position as one of the world's classic five-star hotels and proudly belongs to the prestigious 'Leading Hotels of the World' collection.

Nestled just minutes away from the majestic Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls Hotel boasts its own private walkway to this natural wonder. Dining here is a diverse culinary experience, with three exceptional restaurants to choose from. Enjoy a cocktail on Stanley's Terrace as you bask in the breathtaking sunset views, the perfect way to conclude another enchanting African day

Why We Recommend

  • Prime Location by Victoria Falls: Enjoy direct access to Victoria Falls via a private walkway, making it the perfect choice for experiencing this natural wonder up close.

  • Historical Charm: Immerse yourself in the Edwardian-style elegance and rich history of the hotel, creating a unique and sophisticated stay.

  • Five-Star Hospitality: As a member of the 'Leading Hotels of the World,' expect impeccable service, diverse dining options, and breathtaking sunset views from Stanley's Terrace.

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