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Where Unique Design Meets the Namibian Sands

The Desert Grace

Desert Grace is a truly unique hotel in every aspect. Established in 2018, this eco-conscious establishment was meticulously designed with sustainability at its core. Remarkably, the lodge is constructed entirely from sandbags, a choice that not only benefits the environment but also provides natural cooling during hot summers and excellent insulation in the winter months.

Beyond its innovative construction, Desert Grace captivates visitors with its tasteful design. The lodge is adorned with subtle pink accents and showcases a creative flair rarely found in traditional lodges.

Guests can look forward to a variety of activities during their stay, including morning and afternoon game drives, excursions to the breathtaking Sossusvlei, invigorating walking trails, e-biking adventures, and intriguing scorpion night walks

Why We Love It

  • Sustainable Oasis: Experience eco-conscious lodging with a unique sandbag construction for eco-friendliness and year-round comfort

  • Artistic Ambiance: Enjoy beautifully styled interiors featuring soft pink accents and creative design elements for a memorable stay

  • Peaceful Desert Retreat: Find serenity and seclusion in the tranquil Namib Desert, perfect for a relaxing getaway

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