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Discover the majestic Savute, a lions paradise

Savute Safari Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Savute region, Savute Safari Lodge caters exclusively to a limited number of guests, offering accommodation in eleven charming thatched chalets crafted from locally sourced timber. Additionally, there is a family room consisting of two double bedrooms. Each chalet, adorned in calming neutral tones that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, features a spacious private deck, a combined bedroom and lounge area, and well-appointed en suite facilities.

To further enhance the guest experience, Savute Safari Lodge provides a range of amenities, including a shaded viewing deck, an enchanting al fresco dining area, and a captivating swimming pool equipped with stunning pool loungers. This idyllic setting is perfect for observing diverse wildlife, including the resident elephants, as they gracefully journey towards the Channel for drinking, bathing, and engaging in playful activities.

The lodge organizes activities such as thrilling game drives across the Savute region, conducted in open 4x4 safari vehicles. Many of these excursions include a visit to the Savute Marsh, offering guests a unique opportunity to witness the historical presence of the Savute Channel against the backdrop of flourishing wildlife.

Why We Love It

  • Intimate Wilderness Retreat: Savute Safari Lodge ensures an exclusive and intimate stay with limited accommodations, allowing guests to savor the untouched beauty of the Savute region.

  • Luxury Amidst Nature: The lodge provides luxurious chalets crafted from local timber, elegantly furnished in calming tones. Guests enjoy private decks, en suite facilities, and amenities like a shaded viewing deck and a scenic swimming pool, enhancing their overall comfort.

  • Thrilling Safari Adventures: Savute Safari Lodge organizes exciting open-vehicle game drives across the Savute region, offering guests a chance to witness diverse wildlife, including resident elephants. The inclusion of visits to the historic Savute Marsh adds an unforgettable dimension to the safari experience.

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