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Unveiling Wilderness With One Of The World's Rarest Wildlife Experiences

Set in a rugged and beautiful part of Damaraland, Desert Rhino Camp is an intimate tented camp that offers the opportunity to track desert-adapted black rhinos on foot. Run in conjunction with Save The Rhino Trust, your stay at Desert Rhino directly helps fund the critical conservation work that protects black rhinos and the area's diverse range of wildlife.

Why We Recommend

  • Unforgettable Rhino Tracking: Immerse yourself in the thrill of tracking desert-adapted black rhinos on foot

  • Impactful Conservation: Your stay directly contributes to the critical conservation efforts safeguarding black rhinos and

  • Starry Nights and Stories: Indulge in gourmet al fresco dining beneath a star-studded sky and share captivating tales around the campfire

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