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8 Nights:
Namibia Highlights

Embark on a transformative expedition through Namibia's most captivating landscapes. The adventure starts amid the ethereal Namib Desert, where undulating  sand dunes create a mesmerizing canvas of shifting sands and surreal hues. 


The journey then meanders into Damaraland, where ancient tales are etched into rocky outcrops and vibrant cultures flourish against a backdrop of rugged mountains. 


Etosha National Park beckons, a realm where wildlife reigns supreme. Lions stalk, elephants gracefully traverse the plains, and giraffes bestow elegance upon the horizon. Here, nature's drama unfolds against the breathtaking stage of the savannah, a reminder of life's intricate interconnectedness. In a brief span, this expedition encapsulates the very spirit of Namibia – its dynamic deserts, cultural riches, and wildlife spectacle. It's an odyssey that kindles a profound connection with this remarkable land, leaving an imprint of its majesty upon every traveler fortunate enough to partake.


Search for wildlife in Etosha National Park

Stay amongst the boulders at the unique and award winning Mowani Mountain Camp

Climb the world's highest sands dunes and be dazzled by their changing colours at sunrise


  • Twelve nights accommodation

  • Meals as indicated

  • Deluxe travel planner on arrival

  • 13 Day Car Hire in a 4x2 SUV

Price from AUD$9,165 per person. Twin Share

DAY 1 


Departing Windhoek,  you will travel South to the spectacular Namib Desert. The gateway to Sesriem Canyon and Sossusvlei, where some of the highest dunes on Earth stand towering over the white desert plains. Spend the afternoon relaxing at the pool or participating in optional activities at our lodge.

The Namib desert is so remote and untouched by light pollution that it is a designated 'International Dark Sky Reserve' and one of the best places in the world to be humbled by a night sky with thousands of visible stars and a glowing Milky Way.

Accommodation:  Sossusvlei Lodge

Meals:  Lunch, Dinner, local brand beverages


This morning rise as the sun comes up and drive to the entrance of the Namib Naukluft National Park. The first rays of sunlight paint the mountains of sand into a variety of red and orange, contrasted against a crisp blue skyline. 


You will be captivated by the surreal Deadvlei surrounded by some of the highest dunes on earth, and Sossusvlei, where the dry Tsauchab River ends abruptly amongst dunes. Take the opportunity to walk up one of these majestic dunes to admire the desert landscape beneath. After this thrilling experience, we visit the Sesriem Canyon, a life-sustaining natural phenomenon in the heart of the Namib Desert, before returning back to our lodge to relax for the afternoon. 

Accommodation:  Sossusvlei Lodge

Meals:  Desert Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, local brand beverages

Included Activities: Guided Tour of Sossusvlei & Sesriem Canyon