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30 Years of Conservation, A Lifetime of Safari Adventures

The Hide

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Hwange National Park, The Hide is a luxurious safari camp that offers a gateway to an extraordinary wildlife experience. From the vantage point of the main lodge and tented suites, visitors can gaze upon the open plains and a bustling waterhole—a front-row seat to nature's theater.

For discerning travelers, The Hide provides a range of accommodations, including opulent suites for couples seeking romance, a honeymoon suite for those celebrating their nuptials, and Tom's Little Hide—an exclusive enclave comprising three spacious rooms nestled away from the main camp. Tom's Little Hide offers the utmost in privacy, with tailored safaris and dining, making it an ideal choice for intimate groups and extended families.

With a legacy spanning 30 years, The Hide has played an instrumental role in Hwange's history. As one of the founding members of the Conservation and Wildlife Fund and Friends of Hwange, their commitment to conservation is as deep-rooted as their passion for delivering unparalleled safari experiences

Why We Love It

  • Unparalleled Wildlife Viewing: The camp's prime location offers exceptional wildlife sightings, including elephants, lions, and more, often right from your accommodations.

  • Luxury and Personalized Service: Guests enjoy luxurious suites, personalized service, and gourmet dining in a stunning natural setting.

  • Conservation Commitment and Expert Guides: The camp's deep conservation involvement and knowledgeable guides make for an eco-friendly and educational safari experience.

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