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Where Serenity Meets Safari Magic in Hwange National Park

Bomani Tented Camp

Nestled in the enchanting Ngamo Plains of Hwange National Park, Bomani Tented Lodge beckons nature enthusiasts seeking an authentic safari experience. This camp exudes an air of seclusion and simplicity that transports you far from the demands of modern life.

At Bomani, rigid schedules and timetables yield to your desires; it's your safari, after all! Roaming these untamed plains, you'll soon discover why Hwange is celebrated for its remarkable elephant sightings. An exhilarating walking safari among these gentle giants often stands as the pinnacle of a Bomani stay.

While Bomani may lack the opulent frills of high-end luxury lodges, it offers something more profound – a chance to reconnect with the natural world. Here, the focus shifts from lavish amenities to the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds you at every turn

Why We Love It

  • Wilderness Immersion: Located in Hwange National Park's Ngamo Plains, Bomani offers an authentic, remote, and untouched natural experience

  • Tailored Adventures: Bomani adapts your safari to your preferences, providing a personalized and flexible exploration of the wild

  • Elephant Encounters: Witness remarkable elephants up close, with walking safaris often featuring these gentle giants as a highlight of your stay

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